Peer-Reviewed Publications

Bellemare, Marc, Metin Cakir, Hikaru Peterson, Lindsey Novak, and Jeta Rudi. (2017) "On the Measurement of Food Waste." American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 99(5): 1148-1158.
*Featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Pacific Standard, and the New Food Economy 

Bellemare, Marc, and Lindsey Novak. (2017) "Contract Farming and Food Security." American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 99 (2): 357-378.

Friedemann-Sanchez, Greta, Benjamin Capistrant, James Ron, Lindsey Novak, Caroline Zuijdwijk, Graham Ogle, Barbara Anderson, Antoinette Moran, and Sharad Pendsey. (2017) Caregiving for Children with Type I Diabetes and Clinical Outcomes in Central India: The IDREAM Study.” Pediatric Diabetes. 19 (3): 527-533.

Bellemare, Marc F., Lindsey Novak, and Tara Steinmetz. (2015) "All in the Family: Explaining the Persistence of Female Genital Cutting in West Africa." Journal of Development Economics. 116: 252-265.

Novak, Lindsey. (2014) "The Impact of Access to Water on Child Health in Senegal." Review of Development Economics. Vol. 18, No. 3.

Working Papers

*Featured in the World Bank's Development Impact blog and Economics that Really Matters.
*Awarded the Warren Samuels Prize at the ASSA meetings.

*Awarded outstanding graduate student paper by the Institutional and Behavioral Economics Section of AAEA

Bellemare, Marc, Yu Na Lee, and Lindsey Novak. “Contract Farming as Partial Insurance” Under Review.

Novak, Lindsey and J. Michael Oakes. "Mirror Image: How Local Obesity Rates Impact Individual Health Perceptions."